In Memoriam


Please choose the first letter of the last name of the deceased.

Please choose a Local Union # for a list of the deceased.



Name Local Number Submit
Zaage, Michael, A. #13 Send Condolence
Zaborowski, Clement, F. #58 Send Condolence
Zahner, George, J. #110 Send Condolence
Zalaznik, Gerald #250 Send Condolence
Zaniolo, Albert, S. #250 Send Condolence
Zank, David, A. #250 Send Condolence
Zarifis, Denny, R. Jr. #1889 Send Condolence
Zeb, Gary #1185 Send Condolence
Zefo, Daniel #237 Send Condolence
Zerbes, Jay #1889 Send Condolence
Zerjav, Paul, R. #32 Send Condolence
Zerr, Robert, M. #32 Send Condolence
Ziegelmeyer, Mike, E. #97 Send Condolence
Ziegenbein, Donald, E. #1693 Send Condolence
Ziegler, Larry, O. #2214 Send Condolence
Zienty, Eugene, C. #272 Send Condolence
Zierer, Richard, D. #58 Send Condolence
Zimny, Michael, A. #13 Send Condolence
Zinker, Edward, J. #272 Send Condolence
Zinselmeier, D, J. #97 Send Condolence
Zoltek, Steve, R. #58 Send Condolence
Zook, Toby, J. #243 Send Condolence
Zorc, Thomas, F. #250 Send Condolence
Zuleger, Robert, P. #1185 Send Condolence
Zumbahlen, Jarrett #243 Send Condolence
Zupan, William #54 Send Condolence

Recently Submitted Condolences

For Brussel, Donald, J.

"Sorry for your loss 🥲"
Charlie McIntire

For Joyce, Kevin, M.

"We all miss you Kevin Thank you for all you’ve done for me and everyone else you helped grow in this local"
Jordan Mallott

For Kovac, Douglas, P.

"So sorry for your loss."
Bob Huesgen

For Fannon, John, P.

"So sorry for the loss. John was a good guy, and a hard worker. Also clean, neat and a good teacher."
Bob Huesgen

For Dunn, Thomas, D.

"So sorry for your loss. I am glad I got to work side by side with Tom. He was a good man"
Bob Huesgen

For Hoerr, Earl, J. Jr.

"So sorry for your loss. Earl was a good man."
Bob Huesgen

For Watters, James, F

"So sorry for the loss of Jim Waters. I am glad I worked along side of you."
Bob Huesgen

For Strohmeyer, Kenneth

"Will be greatly missed. I always enjoyed talking with him at our Local meetings."
William Close

For Peschke, Arthur, C.

"Missing you my brother 🙏🙏🙏"
Esther Sell

For Hanold, Kevin 10

"I really miss you Kevin, you were best person to ever work with. Thank you for showing me the ropes when I first started. Thanks for all the good times snowmobiling and having a great time. Miss you Kevin."
Holly McGrath
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