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Name Local Number Submit
Nadolski, Andrew, T. #662 Send Condolence
Naeger, Clement, R. #716 Send Condolence
Nagle, Kenneth, R. #1 Send Condolence
Nay, Robert #250 Send Condolence
Neese, Carl, D. #270 Send Condolence
Neese, Charles, E. #10 Send Condolence
Neill, Anthony, D. #315 Send Condolence
Neill, Thomas, M. #1693 Send Condolence
Neilson, Kenneth, W. #634 Send Condolence
Nelson, Arthur, L. #174 Send Condolence
Nelson, Barry, S. #945 Send Condolence
Nelson, Clifford, E. #1693 Send Condolence
Nelson, Emmett, F. #92 Send Condolence
Nelson, James, D. #1889 Send Condolence
Nesslein, Eric #1310 Send Condolence
Newbanks, Steven, R. Sr. #1529 Send Condolence
Newcomer, Charles, J. #315 Send Condolence
Newcomer, Dale, 0. #1310 Send Condolence
Newer, Paul, S. #272 Send Condolence
Newland, Norman, R. #315 Send Condolence
Newland, Rodney, J. #777 Send Condolence
Nickelson, Don, G. #1839 Send Condolence
Nicklos, Donald, J. #10 Send Condolence
Nicolay, Martin, J. Jr. #92 Send Condolence
Nicoli, Olinto #272 Send Condolence
Nicolson, Bruce, P. #97 Send Condolence
Niel, Raymond, H. #662 Send Condolence
Nielsen, Sigfred, V. #272 Send Condolence
Niemeyer, Trenton, A. #243 Send Condolence
Niemiec, Edmund #1027 Send Condolence
Nilsson, Bruno, G. #272 Send Condolence
Nippert, Michael, L. #174 Send Condolence
Nobe, Daniel, P. #97 Send Condolence
Noel, Michael, H. #1770 Send Condolence
Noland, Mark, E. #110 Send Condolence
Noonan, John, R. #13 Send Condolence
Noonan, Timothy, J. #97 Send Condolence
Norberg, Wm, G. #1 Send Condolence
Norfleet, Douglas, W. #270 Send Condolence
Nowak, Ronald, J. #272 Send Condolence

Recently Submitted Condolences

For Hoevelmann, G, L.

"Bud was a good dude, would see him at White Castle at Barrett station and Manchester, drinkin coffee with his buddies"
Tom Brockmeier

For Hopp, Peter, J.

"I first met Peter working for Schmelig Const. at Chrysler in the 80s, then for Helmkamp at Ford. Always got a kick out of Peter! He kept us rollin! I remember dropping a shackle from the truss we were perched on, went right through an aerostar windshield, Peter jumped my case! He covered it up right way with a tarp! Good job Peter"
Tom Brockmeier

For Myers, Jimmie, D.

"Jimmy was good people, known him forever, great friend to the Brockmeiers"
Tom Brockmeier

For Schulz, Karl, H.

"My deepest condolences rest in Pease brother best teacher I ever worked with"
leo deubel

For Holland, Ernest, C.

"I worked with Ernie the first five years i was in the union. I always thought Ernie was a stand up guy. Im sorry to hear he passed."
Paul Stephenson

For Djukic, Peter

"On behalf of the Rodriguez family we all sympathize with you and will always remember Pete in our prayers."
Gabriel Rodriguez

For Contreras, Ricardo

"You always be missed love you cuz"
Memo Contreras

For Miro, Carmine

"This is for Carmen I owe my nowledge to this man teaching this young buck back in the day"
Tony Strumberger

For Ehrhardt, Roland, H.

"Thanks dad for teaching me how to be a good Carpenter"
Bill Ehrhardt

For Ehrhardt, Roland, H.

"Despite my wonderful father-n-law passing away last October 2022. Not a day goes by that we all think, talk about his insightful sayings, or just think about the everlasting memories that bring us all Joy ! He was a gentleman, classy, quirky & fun. Gave us all a bit of knowledge & wisdom to pass onto our families & friends."
Laura Ehrhardt
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