Union Dues

To pay your Local Union Dues, contact your local union below.

UnionPhone NumberOnline Payment
Local 1312-850-0848https://www.carpenterslocal1.org/pay-dues/
Local 4563-386-1618
Local 10708-233-4610
Local 13312-829-1396https://www.carpentersunionlocal13.org/pay-dues/
Local 54708-598-4554
Local 58773-267-5858
Local 174815-725-9473https://www.local174.org/pay-dues/
Local 237217-356-5463
Local 243217-356-5463
Local 250847-662-7421
Local 270217-528-7571
Local 272708-755-6879
Local 790815-626-1533
Local 792815-963-7478
Local 1027630-325-4132
Local 1185630-325-4132
Local 1693630-325-6036https://www.millwright1693.com/blank/
Local 1889630-271-9950https://www.carpenterslocal1889.com/members/pay-your-dues
Local 2158563-332-2158

Dues Checkoff

For Dues Checkoff (Working Dues) Payment:

Use this online payment system only after receiving a shortage invoice from the Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council. Thank you!

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