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Name Local Number Submit
Tabares, Blaine, E. #1310 Send Condolence
Tabbert, Len, E. #250 Send Condolence
Takala, Daniel, J. #1693 Send Condolence
Talbert, Bobbie, J. #237 Send Condolence
Tarter, Ronald, L. #237 Send Condolence
Tarwater, Joseph, D. #315 Send Condolence
Tasker, Chad, A. #1529 Send Condolence
Taylor, Carl, W. #1795 Send Condolence
Taylor, Frank #1889 Send Condolence
Taylor, Olen, J. #272 Send Condolence
Taylor, Timothy, R. #250 Send Condolence
Tebbe, Glenn, L. #1596 Send Condolence
Temple, Jon, A. #272 Send Condolence
Termunde, Gary, G. #272 Send Condolence
Terzo, Daniel, L. #58 Send Condolence
Teson, Justin, W. #32 Send Condolence
Thickpenny, Lance, H. #250 Send Condolence
Thompson, Donald, G. #237 Send Condolence
Thorpe, Gary, W. #13 Send Condolence
Thouvenot, Robert, L. #664 Send Condolence
Thumma, John, D. #2158 Send Condolence
Timmermeier, Frank #32 Send Condolence
Tippit, Daniel, K. #97 Send Condolence
Titler, Dave, L. #97 Send Condolence
Tobben, Andrew, H. #1839 Send Condolence
Tomazin, Gerald, W. #1185 Send Condolence
Tonkovich, Frank, N. #10 Send Condolence
Tonyan, William Jr. #250 Send Condolence
Topel, Victor, D. #58 Send Condolence
Torres, Roberto #10 Send Condolence
Tow, Virgel, W. #97 Send Condolence
Traver, Richard, H. #237 Send Condolence
Treantafeles, Tom #250 Send Condolence
Tresnak, Steve, L. #1185 Send Condolence
Troiani, Albert, R. #58 Send Condolence
Trojan, William, J. #272 Send Condolence
Trousil, James, H. #174 Send Condolence
Tucker, Richard #1889 Send Condolence
Tumminaro, Daniel, J. #10 Send Condolence
Turnbo, Timothy, J. #2214 Send Condolence
Turner, Dennis, D. #174 Send Condolence
Turner, Walter, W. #1596 Send Condolence
Turpin, Chester, L. #272 Send Condolence
Turpin, Jeffrey, R. #32 Send Condolence
Tweed, Edward, A. #10 Send Condolence
Twente, Charles, L. #97 Send Condolence
Twilla, Charles #250 Send Condolence

Recently Submitted Condolences

For Griffin, Kevin

"So sorry to hear of Kevin’s passing he was a fantastic man"
Bib Banker

For Depirro, Richard, B.

"I worked with Dickie for years, he always made my day with positive attitude and laughter. R.I.P. Jitterbug"
Bob Zoiss

For Lang, Warren, N.

"Greatest B.A. I ever worked with. Rest in peace Brother"
Bob Zoiss

For Monroe, Johnny, L.

"Johnny was one of the hardest guys I ever had work for me.Never missed a day. R.I.P. my friend"
Bob Zoiss

For Burns, David

"I just learned of Dave’s passing. I worked with him for several years back in the 90’s and he was a hard working man not to mention a very interesting man. Sorry to hear that he’s gone."
Dan OConnor

For Joyce, Kevin

"I knew Kevin a very short time however his enthusiasm for the union and being there for people in general shown through. My condolences to all the Joyce family at this time and especially to you Dennis. May he rest in peace."
John Dunn - President Millwright Local 1693 Chicago

For Joyce, Kevin

"Only met him a handful of times as an apprentice. He talked to the class about certain things. Was real funny and told some great stories. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to lose a father. He will be greatly missed."
Quinn Gardner

For Joyce, Kevin

"I am so sorry for your loss,I know this is going to be a ruff test ahead for you and yours.but know that you are not alone,may you and your daughters be blessed with strength,patience,wisdom,good health and peace in order to process this huge loss.My family and I will keep you our prayers.sincerely Mastache family Feel free to contact me if I can help in any way"
Orlando Mastache

For Joyce, Kevin

"My condolences to the Joyce family. Kevin was a part of my driving force to show up and show out on every job I'm called out for. He will be deeply missed. Rest well brother!!"
Herb Rogers

For Joyce, Kevin

"I walked beside you from the start my friend. You were always there with a smile. It was truly an honor to know you. You will be missed more than words can say. This hurts really deep. God bless you and your family. Heaven has a great young man to help watch over us as we try to be half the man you were. I will see your smile forever. Thank you Kevin."
Stanley Moore
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