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Name Local Number Submit
Yarolem, Steven, M #2158 Send Condolence
Yates, Herbert, H. #92 Send Condolence
Yehling, Roy #54 Send Condolence
Yerly, Paul, L. #174 Send Condolence
Yoder, Lee, J. #92 Send Condolence
York, Terry, J. #243 Send Condolence
York, Terry, J. #243 Send Condolence
Young, Carl, W #237 Send Condolence
Young, Clifford, O. #1310 Send Condolence
Young, Gary, L #54 Send Condolence
Young, John, A. #270 Send Condolence
Young, Kenneth, D. #92 Send Condolence
Youngblood, Gene #636 Send Condolence
Youngblood, Gene, 0. #636 Send Condolence
Youngblood, Robert, J. #32 Send Condolence

Recently Submitted Condolences

For Bell, Chester, S.

"Still can't believe you're gone. Love you always uncle Chet"
Lorraine Bell

For Seiberlich, Randolph

"I worked with Randy on and off for over 20 years. Rest well fellow carpenter!"
Bruce Mamola

For Brussel, Donald, J.

"rest in Jesus’ peace"
Sam Tedesco

For Feltmann, Harold, 0.

"rest in Jesus’ peace"
Sam Tedesco

For Uthoff, Stephen, A.

"rest in Jesus’ peace"
Sam Tedesco

For Lohse, Norman, W.

"Sorry to hear about Norman’s passing."
Jeri Hynek

For Travelute, Roy, C

"Sorry to hear about Roy’s death. I had the pleasure of working with him in the 80’s. It was always nice visiting with him at the Locals’ summer picnic."
Jeri Hynek

For Clark, William, R.

"I had the privilege of working with Bill at W.E. Cumberford Const. He was a really good Carpenter, and a great guy. Learned a lot from him about carpentry and life. He could work guys half his age in the dirt day after day. I know, I was one of them.... Miss you Bill"
Tim Wyrick

For Doty, Clark, K.

"Had the privilege of working with Clark at Firebaugh Const. One of the finest trim guys I ever was around. Always upbeat and lighthearted, but could still get his work done. Not enough guys around like that. Miss you Clark"
Tim Wyrick

For Garrison, Carl, E.

"I worked with carl out of local 1596 and he was a good honest man and he will be missed very much"
John Henry
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