ICRA: Infection Control Risk Assessment

Building Standards for Infection Prevention

8 Hour Awareness Training

Construction in healthcare facilities can present unique challenges. The unavoidable dust and dirt of any project can potentially contaminate sterile environments, particularly when inadequate procedures at the jobsite allow the release of contaminant trapped above ceilings, behind walls or under floors. The Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council offers an 8-hour train-the-trainer ICRA Awareness program for healthcare professionals and other key employees, construction contractors and facility staff. Our goal is to provide a workforce of ICRA-trained hospital professionals and contractors to ensure that patient safety continues to be everyone’s number one priority.

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This course is designed for:

  • All Healthcare Facility Management Staff, Doctors, Nurses, Administration, Environmental Services, Security, Maintenance & Engineering Staff
  • All Construction Management Staff, Estimators, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Superintendents, Safety Supervisors
  • All Construction Trade Management Staff working inside Healthcare facilities

Course Objectives:

  • Unique Environment & Hazards
  • Professionalism & Responsibilities
  • Regulatory Agencies & Organizations
  • Administrative Controls
  • ICRA Form, Matrix & Permit
  • Interim Life Safety Team & Plan
  • Fire Control Systems
  • Contaminants & Infectious Agents
  • HEPA Machines
  • Air Pressure, Quality & Monitoring Practices
  • Building & Maintaining Barriers & Ante Rooms
  • Storage & Handling of Construction Materials
  • Decommissioning & Protecting Finishes & Equipment
  • Procedures for Mold

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Best Practices In Healthcare Construction

The Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council is leading the way in developing innovative training and techniques that teach our expert craftspeople how to reduce the risks of contamination while working in busy hospitals and clinics. We are taking a proactive stance on construction-related nosocomial infection through our 24-hour Construction Infection Risk Assessment training program. This training program addresses critical construction practices in pathogen containment, airflow control and protection while performing the necessary construction work. This course includes 16 hours of classroom training about why this work is critical, and 8 hours of shop time, where the carpenters learn how to protect patients, facility administration and staff, and themselves.

With ICRA-certified union tradespeople on your project, Infection Preventionists and Facility Directors have one less thing to worry about. Although we are not Infection Control Practitioners, we are a key piece of the puzzle.

Our goal: Deliver a workforce of construction professionals who understand how to protect the patients and staff during a building project, while not disturbing daily activities. We see ICRA training as a new standard in the healthcare construction industry.

Regional Contacts

Safety of your patients and staff is our #1 concern. Our training is second to none.

If you are interested in keeping your facility, patients and workers safe from hospital-acquired-infections, let’s work together. Contact our Union Leaders to learn more about how the Carpenters Union can assist you.

Steve Pinkley – ICRA Lead
(St. Louis and Eastern Missouri)

Rocky Kloth – ICRA Lead
(Western Missouri and Kansas)

Joseph Weber ICRA Lead
(Northeast Illinois)
Phone 630.541.2230
Fax 630.852.3545

Dan O’Connell ICRA Lead
(Western Illinois & Eastern Iowa)
Phone 815.626.2177

Riki DialICRA Lead
(Central and Southern Illinois)
Phone 217.744.1831

Carpenters And Floorlayers

In Carpenters’ Construction ICRA 24-hour class, our members are trained to identify potential risks (asbestos, lead, mold, silica, and other harmful materials) and take the appropriate precautions to minimize the risk of spreading contaminants.

Healthcare construction provides thousands of hours of stable work for our members, and our state-of-the-art ICRA training gives our signatory contractors the competitive advantage of knowing how to carry out major construction plans safely and efficiently.

Refresher Course

Members, please visit our training page to sign up for the ICRA 8-Hour Refresher class to renew your certification. If you wish to sign up for the UBC online ICRA Refresher Training class, please visit the ITC Learning Management System. For further instruction on how to sign up for the online ICRA Refresher Training class with the UBC, download this document

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