The Carpenter's Forum Summer Digital Edition Now Online

The digital Summer Edition of The Carpenter’s Forum is now available and can be accessed HERE. This edition of The The Carpenters Forum magazine coverCarpenter’s Forum eMagazine mirrors the hard copy publication with a few added features:


  • EST Gary Perinar shares the background of Independence Day and the significance of the Declaration of Independence and “inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” complemented by the words of President Obama during his 2013 inaugural address.
  • The Western Region is experiencing an abundance of work. Via drone, take a virtual flyover of the TBK Bank Sports Complex.
  • Union workers have had enough of Gov. Bruce Rauner, as pointed out in their own words in this J.B. Pritzker commercial.
  • “When you learn, teach.” Who knew Dr. Maya Angelou and her words of wisdom could have a place alongside “Organize or Die”? Listen to words of wisdom from Dr. Angelou to see elements of a brotherhood from a different angle.
  • Members of Local 174 joined other volunteers on the refurbishment of Joliet Correctional Center. Take a video tour of this former home of The Blues Brothers.
  • The Carpenters Center for Health is now open! Go behind the construction scene as carpenters help build a vision.
  • Billy Goat Tavern uses union carpenters. And it serves up “cheeseborgers” and its preferred soft drink, as the Saturday Night Live skit reminds us.

In Addition:

The Carpenters’ app for iPhone, Android & Kindle is now available! Have you gotten yours? Download now for free in your phone’s app store!

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