Mid-America Carpenters Union Helps Secure Pay Out For Cheated Workers

The Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council worked to secure a major victory against wage theft and tax fraud in the building trades — in the process helping workers receive nearly $500,000 in back pay.

The Illinois Department of Labor announced Tuesday that an investigation spurred by the Carpenters Union led to Bulk Storage, Inc., out of Beecher, Ill. being held responsible for failing to pay their workers prevailing wage and benefit rates. The company settled with the DOL and agreed to pay their employees after the MACRC alleged Bulk Storage had committed multiple violations of the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act.

“Wage theft and the loss of tax revenue hurts us all,” said MACRC Executive Secretary-Treasurer Gary Perinar. “It exploits workers, many of whom are unaware of their right to receive fair wages and benefits to support themselves and their families. It puts signatory union contractors at a disadvantage against unscrupulous contractors who lowball bids through fraudulent practices. And it cheats communities out of much-needed tax dollars to fund new projects and public services. Thanks to our research team for uncovering these injustices against working families and to the Department of Labor for enforcing the law.”

Read the full release about the wage theft victory.

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