Be Ballot Ready For November General Election

Look at your sample ballot, make a plan to vote and review a list of Union-backed politicians on the UBC’s Election Center. Click the link, enter your address and be prepared to vote on Election Day.

On Nov. 8, Union Carpenters have a chance to decide who will be representing our local communities, as well as, the politicians in the state and US legislatures. When our members vote, lawmakers listen.

We have picked candidates across the Regional Council who believe in our union values and who will support when they win their elections.

Illinois Voters: Online registration open through Oct. 23, Last day for election authority to receive mailed registration Nov. 3, Last day for early voting Nov. 7

Missouri Voters: Last day to register Oct. 12, Absentee ballots must be requested before Oct. 25

Kansas Voters: Deadline to register Oct. 18, First day advance voting begins and advance mail ballots may be mailed Oct. 19, Deadline to apply for advance mail ballot Nov. 1

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