ID Card Benefits for Employers

Dear Industry Contractor:

Example image of member ID card

It has never been a secret that the Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council prides itself on maintaining a membership of men and women who are among the most industry-prepared tradespeople across this country. Preparation doesn’t happen by chance or luck or even desire. Preparation is about training. Well-rounded, expansive training. Training means embarking on an education that encompasses core competencies, advanced skills, new products and materials, and even interpersonal relationships and communications. And whether pre-apprentice carpenters are learning the fundamentals of the trade or seasoned journeymen are being educated on a new and innovative piece of machinery, safety is at the forefront of CRCC training. Carpenter instructors prepare students to be safe craftsmen. We teach it and we preach it so that the education in the classroom becomes the second-nature standard in the field…and on your job site.

Through the Carpenters International Training Fund, our CRCC members will now hold new identification cards. In addition to member identification these cards will include a QR code, enabling industry contractors to use their smartphone scanning application to quickly and efficiently access a prospective employee’s training history. Contractors can scan the QR code to:

  • Verify up-to-date membership status
  • Verify training history and certifications
  • Verify member’s identification and photo match

The Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council’ commitment to deliver the best-trained, most highly skilled and safest carpenters in the industry will never wane. We hope you benefit from this new ID card system as well as the skill and productivity of the member who holds it.

For more information, please contact the Carpenter Apprentice & Training Center at 847-640-7373.

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