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Are You Getting Ripped Off?

Did you know you’re entitled to wages and fringe benefits on prevailing wage jobs worth up to $80 per hour or more? You could even be owed lost wages!

It Happens More Often Than You Think

What Is Prevailing Wage?

A prevailing wage is the basic hourly rate of wages and benefits paid to a number of similarly employed workers in a given geography. Policymakers can use prevailing compensation levels to set wage and benefit floors for workers in the locality-for example, construction workers on government-funded construction projects in Missouri, Illinois or Kansas. Prevailing wage laws ensure that government dollars do not undercut local wage and benefit standards, prevent a race to the bottom among publicly funded contractors, support good jobs, and provide good value to taxpayers.

Have you been taken advantage of on a Prevailing Wage job? The Carpenters Union can help

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