UBC Supports Perez for DNC Chair

Washington, D.C. — The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC), representing more than 500,000 members, is proud to support former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez to be the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair. Perez has spent his entire career fighting for workers’ rights and organized labor. He has a track record of supporting the issues that positively impact middle-class families.

“Tom has worked on issues that matter to UBC members – from prevailing wage to fighting misclassification,” said UBC General President Douglas J. McCarron. “His leadership at the DNC will help protect the middle-class American worker. The Brotherhood is supportive and ready to keep building strong and leading the way.”

Perez served as United States Secretary of Labor in the Obama administration. Under his leadership, significant strides were made on workers’ rights including ensuring a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work through continued efforts to raise the minimum wage, the expansion of overtime protections and fighting payroll fraud like misclassification, which hurts workers, law-abiding contractors and insurance companies. Quote from Secretary of Labor Tom Perez

There will be challenges ahead, but the UBC is confident that Perez is an energetic warrior who will continue to champion causes supporting hard-working, middle-class families. Perez will promote policies that lead to economic growth, in turn boosting the prosperities of the American worker.  


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