Closing Soon! Take Advantage of MCL’s Insurance Benefits Open Enrollment Ends Oct 31

The MCL/Voya Open Enrollment period for Supplemental Life, AD&D, Critical Illness and Accident Insurance is underway.

What is Accident Insurance? Accidents can happen any time and the expenses from an accidental injury, like a fracture or dislocation, can add up quickly. Accident insurance can help keep an injury from running through your savings. You can use the money to pay for medical expenses, monthly bills or however you like.

Your Accident Insurance includes the following benefits:

 Sports Accident BenefitIf your accident happens while participating in an organized sporting activity mentioned in the certificate; the accident hospital care, accident care or common injuries benefit will be increased.

Wellness BenefitThis is a yearly benefit you and everyone covered on your certificate can receive by completing an eligible health screening test.Open enrollment runs through October 31st.To get started in the enrollment process, go to

 As always, there are NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS OR EXAMS.If you have questions about this program or need help enrolling, please call the MCL Insurance Hotline at (888) 212-7822 or the Midwest Coalition of Labor at (800) 433-2099.

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