MetLife Financial Education Workshops

Our partner for life insurance benefits, MetLife, also offers “living benefits” to our participants and their families, including financial education and retirement planning opportunities, which are now available to help you prepare for retirement.

There are 3 different virtual financial education opportunities available beginning in July, running through November. Begin with a single workshop, complete the 4-week Retirewise workshop series, or try them all!

MetLife’s financial educational opportunities:
Get Retirement Ready – single workshop: Employees will learn how to prepare for decisions they must make as they approach retirement, from employer plan distribution options to health insurance choices, shifting your focus from accumulating money to how to spend your money. (July)

Retirement Income Planning – single workshop: There are steps employees can take to create a retirement income strategy that works for them, including how to manage five common retirement risks: longevity (outliving your assets), overspending, inflation, market, and health. (August)

Retirewise Series – 4-week series of workshops: This financial education opportunity is divided in to 4 parts (September – November):

  • Building the Foundation,
  • Creating and Managing Wealth,
  • Establishing Your Retirement Income Stream, and
  • Making the Most of What You Have

For more information or to sign up, please visit their site.

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