MCL/Voya Open Enrollment Ends Soon!

Time is running out! The MCL/Voya Open Enrollment period for Supplemental Life, AD&D, Critical Illness and Accident Insurance ends this Sunday October 31, 2021! Hurry!

Enroll in the coverage that is right for you with NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS OR EXAMS:

• Supplemental Life Insurance up to $250,000

• Supplemental AD&D Insurance up to $250,000

• Critical Illness Insurance

• Accident Insurance

• Wellness Benefit

 The MCL has negotiated ultra-low group rates using our strength as a coalition with almost 160,000 members. Buy coverage at prices you would never be able to get on your own. Learn more about open enrollment here:

If you have questions about this program or need help enrolling, please call the MCL Insurance Hotline at (888) 212-7822 or the Midwest Coalition of Labor at (800) 433-2099.

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