J.B. Signs Executive Order Strengthening Working Families


FROM: Gary Perinar, Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Pritzker signing executive orderEffective Jan. 15, 2019, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed one of his first executive orders, 2019-02 “Executive Order Strengthening Working Families.” The governor’s executive order requires the Illinois  Department of Labor (DOL) to review all pending cases within 60 days and to forward cases involving egregious and repeated violations directly to the Illinois Attorney General for prosecution. Further, it orders the DOL to take all action necessary to expedite current and future cases to hearing or to the Attorney General for civil prosecution. This will require state agencies to be more transparent with data and to be in compliance with state mandates. It also requires that all state agencies comply with the Project Labor Agreements Act. 

This executive order will help protect our members and benefit all workers throughout the state. Please review the attached copy of the executive order.


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