Get Your Financial Fresh Start With Midwest Coalition of Labor Credit Union

From now until April 30, 2021 any member who transfers balances from their other credit cards to their MCLCU credit card will receive 2.99% for 24 months. There are a lot of other promotions out there that are 0.00% for 12 months, but our low rate promotion last 12 months longer than “the other guys” and I think the most important part about our credit card program is that after the promotional period our credit card user’s rates will revert back to something substantially below the rest of the market. Our standard rates are somewhere between 8.99% and 13.99% depending on credit vs. something in the high teens to high twenties.

For more information, contact Midwest Coalition of Labor at: 708-482-9606 or go to

Thank you to MCL Credit Union Casey Martin for his support in a time of need. Be safe and be healthy.

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