Carpenters Union Brings Multi-Million Dollar Tax Fraud Case In Illinois

EST Gary Perinar and the Illinois Attorney General spoke at a news conference about a new tax fraud case filed against Drive Construction.

The multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed against Drive Construction on accusations of wage theft and tax fraud and was brought to the Attorney General’s office by the Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council.

“The Carpenters Union aggressively pursues wage theft cases because they hurt working families, they hurt Illinois taxpayers, and they hurt our signatory contractors who play by the rules and are at a major disadvantage against unscrupulous contractors who lowball bids by cheating the system,” said EST Perinar. “We will continue our fight for working families across Illinois.”

Unfortunately, tax fraud continues to plague our industry across the Regional Council. But if we continue to work together and shine a light on these fraudulent outfits, we will make it harder for them to get work and eventually drive them out of business.

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