Carpenters for J.B.!

On Aug. 1, former President Barack Obama released his first wave of candidate endorsements in the IllinCarpenters supporting JB Pritzkerois 2018 midterm election, which most notably included the gubernatorial ticket of J.B. Pritzker and State Rep. Juliana Stratton for Illinois governor and lieutenant governor.

After nearly four years of Governor Rauner’s policies including a failed attempt to instill Right to Work areas in the state, stonewalling on a budget agreement that left the sickest, poorest and most frail among us in perilous circumstances, his war against unions and the working class, and his foray as a plaintiff in the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case, it is understandable that our desire to see Rauner ousted from office has never been stronger. And J.B. Pritzker is our choice—and the choice of these carpenters—to lead Illinois, to move forward rather than backward, to reject discrimination, and to act on behalf of the working class, the underserved, the impoverished and Illinoisans as a whole.

Carpenters march in support of J.B. PritzkerSpeaking for himself and running mate Stratton Pritzker said, “We believe in protecting collective bargaining rights, equal pay for equal work, and expanding access to affordable health care.” J.B. Pritzker respects working-class men and women in Illinois, supports the labor movement, and will stand up for hardworking families across the state.

Reach out to your membership, your families and friends and explain to them just how important their vote is in this election. The Nov. 6 election is rapidly approaching, and Illinois early voting runs Oct. 22-Nov. 5 according to!

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