Union Carpenters Support KC Labor Families

Every vote matters especially when it comes to making our streets safer, increasing our work and supporting Kansas City’s labor families. Get registered to vote today and be ready to cast your ballot on April 4, 2023, for candidates that will make a difference for Union Carpenters!

Meet the Candidates


Quinton Lucas

Kansas City Mayor

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Kevin O’Neill

City Council 1st Dist At-Large

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Chris Gahagan

City Council 1st Dist

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Jenay Manley

City Council 2nd Dist At-Large

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Wes Rogers

City Council 2nd Dist

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Melissa Patterson Hazley

City Council 3rd Dist At-Large

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Melissa Robinson

City Council 3rd Dist

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Crispin Rea

City Council 4th Dist At-Large

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Eric Bunch

City Council 4th Dist

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Darrel Curls

City Council 5th Dist At-Large

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Ryana Parks-Shaw

City Council 5th Dist

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Andrea Bough

City Council 6th Dist At-Large

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Dan Tarwater

City Council 6th Dist

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These candidates are Working Hard for KC’s Labor Families! Take a look at your sample ballot before heading to the polls.

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