Online Computer Course

Because of how critical technology is in our lives, the MACRC offers easy-to-follow online computer courses to help make sure all of our members have an opportunity to learn computer basics–and beyond.

Course Details

Technology is a critical part of our everyday lives. Understanding how to function in environments that require computers and the internet are essential to survival. Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) can assist you in furthering your computer skills.

IC3 online training courses provide quality online assessments and computer training courses where you will work at your own pace with 6 months to complete the course. No computer experience required. IC3 classes are available as follows:

  1. IC3 GS3 Computing Fundamentals: Topics covered: Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Using an Operating System. 136 Lessons. System requirements: Pentium or Equivalent Processor.
  2. IC3 GS3 Living Online: Topics covered: Networks, the Internet, Electronic Mail Using the Internet. 104 Lessons. System Requirements: Speakers or Headphones.
  3. IC3 GS3 Key Application WORD
  4. IC3 GS3 Key Application EXCEL

These courses are offered in preparation to become computer literate. These online courses are offered to any member affiliated with the St. Louis – Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council. Apprentices who complete the course will receive 1-Unit of training for completing and passing ALL FOUR courses in this recommended order 1) Computing Fundamentals, 2) Living Online 3) Word, 4) Excel. 

There is no cost to any member who takes and passes the course. Contact Henry Johnson at to sign up for this course online. Once you have successfully completed the four (4) online classes, you must contact your training coordinator to upgrade.

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