What Makes a Skilled Trades Job Attractive to Young Workers?

WGN Radio host Justin Kaufmann was joined by Leopardo’s George Tuhowski and Denk & Roche’s Terrence Roche, representing Chicagoland’s Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). The show focused on the role of the  AGC, the amount of construction in Chicago, the importance of changing the way people view construction jobs, why there is a need for younger people to learn a trade, what needs to be done to get young people interested in a career in a skilled trade, how they deal with the volatility of the construction industry and the current state of the construction industry in the city of Chicago.

As you’ll hear on the show, nearly half of construction workers in Chicago area 55 and older.

“Chicagoland area is in a construction boom. More work going on here than we’ve had in the longest time. The issue we do have is, Do we have the continuing workforce that can support what we’re doing here.” (Tuhowski)

“The workforce is aging; we have to get the next generation involved.” (Roche)

“Training, training, training. These are paid apprenticeships. You are learning from the best in the industry. If you view the Carpenters training facility and the folks they have training these people and the apprentices who are training there, you’d be blown away.” (Roche)

Click HERE to listen to the full segment.

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Roche, Kaufmann, Tuhowski posing
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