Right to Work Hurts…All of Us

“Right to Work” is a misnomer…a misunderstanding-by-design piece of legislation that is intended to cripple labor-advocating unions but more specifically, harm workers by shrinking workplace wages, reducing and even eliminating benefits, Young Woman standing on the streetdiminishing job site safety and stripping the ability of workers to collectively improve their workplaces.

Future generations are losing their opportunities for good paying, secure middle-class jobs. These are your children and grandchildren…tomorrow’s leaders of the economy, innovators and builders of tomorrow, caretakers of social services and stewards of the planet.  This assault is happening right under our noses and it affects you, your families and the communities in which you live.

We must make it our responsibility to act now by supporting our working-class labor and stopping the erosion of wages and benefits that is destroying America’s middle class and further distancing the haves from the have nots.

Learn more and watch the new TV commercials featuring real people who would get really hurt by Right to Work: RightToWorkHurts.com

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