Right to Work Deception, Explained By Millennials

Right to Work proponents claim that unions handcuff American businesses by stifling competition and iImage with text: RightToWorkILLusionncreasing costs and the unionists claim that right to work is simply another phrase for the right to freeload. Right to Work is a Big Business tool supported as a favor by far-right politicians that is focused on broadening the distance between corporation “haves” and working class “have nots.” This affects nonunion and union workers alike, and the communities in which we live.  When you dispel the myths and look at the facts, it’s clear that Right to Work is nothing more than the right to deny workers proper representation and to compensate them well below the level of wages and benefits that previous generations fought for and achieved. 

“Right to Work” is a misnomer intended to deceive while seeking to destroy unions and stunt middle-class wages, benefits and workplace protections. Don’t be fooled by Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s #RightToWorkILLusion ! An educated voter is a smart voter!

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