Face Coverings Are Necessary But Not Always Comfortable

At the start of the outbreak it was recommended that most people not wear a face covering and save the respirators for the first respondents due to inadequate supply. As we learned more about the virus, there was further evidence that face coverings can have an effect on transmission of the virus. Many construction workers, and the public, have not needed to wear a face covering prior to this year. It is very difficult to make any major changes so rapidly and can cause issues for those who don’t completely understand how the virus spreads or feel they should not be told what to wear.

Until we have a vaccine, the face coverings, and other mitigation procedures, are our best defense at reducing the virus. As temperatures rise, it is becoming more difficult to work in construction and some are looking at which is the greater hazard, heat stress or the COVID?
— John Horak, Safety Director, Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters

John Horak recently spoke to Costruction Dive in regards to the importance of face coverings. To read more CLICK HERE

carpenter in face mask
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