Carpenters Union Picket Against ACC, Inc. Draws Support

Carpenters Local 1889 Picket Against ACC, Inc. for Area Standards at the Season Apartments in West Dundee.

Braving the weather and showing support were: Left to right: Rose P. Rodriguez, Local 54  Erica Ramos, Local 54; Suzanne Ness, District 2 McHenry County Board Members; Mary Sizer, Local 58; Derek Iwaniuk, Business Representative, Local 1889; Patrick Rhea, Local 250; Ryan Tiffany, Local 1889; Monty Hayes, Local 250; Steve Ortega Hughes, Local 1889; Wesley Wisz, Local 1889; Magali Castro, Local 1889 and Kevin Sipple, Local 1889. A big shout-out to passerby “Christina” who sent sandwiches and drinks by Uber Eats to the crew on site – how nice! Thank you for your support! Thank you all for such a great turnout! 

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