Carpenters Stand Up to Tax Fraud

The Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters took action against the Lodge of Northbrook, owned by Essex Communities. Because, although they were required to follow the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act of Illinois, they hired dishonest contractors that avoided the laws by paying cash instead.

Companies that engage in this kind of tax fraud enrich themselves by under-bidding honest contractors and avoid paying their local, state, and federal tax obligations. This directly affects our communities, our neighborhoods, working families, honest businesses and ultimately impacts city, state and federal budgets, which in turn hurts everyone. Research has shown that construction industry tax fraud costs taxpayers over $80 per second. That’s about $2.6 billion per year! That lost money could do every single one of our communities a lot of good. Fortunately, there is something easy you can do to help. If you suspect something fishy going on (cash under the table, etc.), simply speak up and ask questions. We have a storied history of fighting for fair wages and benefits, and working together, we will continue to do so.

Let’s make it virtually impossible for a contractor or labor broker to get jobs by underbidding and committing tax fraud.

2019 Construction Industry Tax Fraud Days in Action:

2019 Construction Industry Tax Fraud Protest

Picture of Tax Fraud Hot Sheet - June 2019

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