Apprenticeship Open House, Nov. 14 & Nov. 15

*Nov. 1 Update:  The Nov. 14 event has reached capacity; please use the link below to register for the Nov. 15 event.

In coordination with the Department of Labor’s National Apprenticeship Week, the Carpenter Training Center will be hosting Carpenters Training Center exteriorits annual Apprenticeship Open House on both Nov. 14 and Nov. 15, 2018. The night will start at 5:30 p.m. with tours of the facility and the main presentation—which will cover what it takes to become a carpenter, information on how to get into the program, and a question & answer period—begins at 6:30 p.m. There is no charge to attend this event and it is open to the public.

Register for the Nov. 15 event HERE. 

Carpenters do more than just frame, roof and apply the siding on a house. They do the concrete forming needed for the high rises downtown; frame the interiors of office buildings; insulate the exterior walls of hospitals; apply drywall in college dorms; lay the flooring in high Classroom of carpentersschools; create the woodwork for the restaurants, weld the heavy gauge framing for the exterior shell; rebuild the steam turbine in power plants; and drive the piles needed for the bridges. The carpentry trade offers individuals who love to work with their hands an opportunity to have a career that they will enjoy.

The Training Program provides 11 four-year apprenticeships and an advancement program to further develop your skills as a carpenter. As you develop your skills, you’ll be better suited for the job sites of the future. 

Apprentices average more than $35,000 to start, and workers will earn an average of $300,000 more in their lifetimes than their nonapprentice peers. Carpenters at work

Register for the Nov. 15 event HERE.

Questions? Call the Carpenter Apprentice and Training Center 847-640-7373.

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