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Why become a member?

Being a union carpenter means good jobs and wages for working men and women. More importantly it gives them the resources to provide for their families, secure a successful career in life and allows them the means to retire with dignity and respect. The benefits of being a union member are countless, but here are some basics.

Numerous, Diverse Career Paths

“Carpenter” is a blanket term used to define the numerous skills performed by tradespeople in our union. Throughout its history, the Carpenters union has developed many specialty trades. The Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council offers apprenticeships in each and offers every member continuing and developmental training in all of these specialties. Many have become proficient in numerous trades.

  • Commerical Carpenter
  • Residential Carpenter
  • Mill-Cabinet
  • Concrete Form Builder
  • Floorcover
  • Millwright
  • Pile Driver
  • Insulator
  • Roofer
  • Sider

Apprentices Earn and Learn

An apprentice is someone who is learning a trade while working under the guidance of skilled workers called journeymen. Apprenticeship is on-the-job training. As a carpenter apprentice you earn while you learn. You start at 40 percent of a skilled journeyman’s rate of pay and wages are increased at periodic intervals until they are 80 percent of a journeyman’s wages. Please access the section “Educational Programs” to learn more.

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