Shame on Holiday Inn

Hospitality Guru Group, which owns the Holiday Inn at 1471 Rock Creek Blvd. in Joliet as well as other regional hotels and restaurants, is turning their back on local community workers by subcontracting carpentry work to out-of-state companies who are bringing in out-ot-state workers and paying substandard fair wages or benefits. Hospitality Guru Group is using GLOBAL BUILDERS INC. who supports greedy behavior by hiring CAASI CONSTRUCTION INC., who subcontracts work to PJ CONTRACTORS LLC, who in turn employs out-of-state workers. This scheme robs our communities of vital tax dollars.

Tell Holiday Inn & their partners at Hospitality Guru Group to stop cheating workers and start paying fair wages & benefits!

The Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council is involved in a labor dispute with the Hospitality Guru Group because the subcontractors used by the Hospitality Guru Group to build the Candlewood Suites hotel adjacent to 1471 Rock Creek Blvd. In Joliet undermine the area standard wage and benefits.  The Hospitality Guru Group owns hotels including a Holiday Inn and the new Candlewood Suites.

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