Form Carpenter (concrete)

A Form Carpenter handles all the materials necessary to prepare and dismantle forms for pouring concrete in residential and commercial construction. A Form Carpenter must have the skills to cut, drill, modify, clamp, glue, weld, burn, staple, hang, wire, nail, join, screw, fasten, assemble, hook up, sling and signal all the varied materials used to form concrete. Form Carpenters also frame, mold, shape, brace, erect, align, plumb, level, grade, elevate, raise, underpin, lay out, shore and stake many elements of a construction project, including the bulk headings, expansion joints, scaffolding, footings, piers, walls, columns, beams, decks, roofs, stairs, floors, slabs and planter boxes. Once the concrete is poured, Form Carpenters also strip and dismantle the forms.